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Dr. Jeya Krishnan is a trusted Dermatologist in Tuticorin Tamilnadu. He has built his skill along with MD in Dermatology by taking on several challenging cases. He has gained leading knowledge and expertise in Dermatology .With a wide range of available skills, Dr Jeya Krishnan can ensure that each patient receives a completely personalized and tailored treatment option. He continuously endeavor to give best treatment to his patients. 

 He was excelled in aesthetic procedures, cosmetology procedures , and to provide with proper skin care and His motto is to not complicate skincare and to just keep it simple and best , and He did his dermatology Europe and aesthetic medicine in American Academy in USA. So he would like to bring new techniques in cosmetology procedures from abroad to India and make patients better caring towards their skin...

Dr.JK ,Best Dermatologist in tuticorin


He did his schooling in our own Tuticorin, under graduation in Vinayaka Missions University, Then He started working as a Resident in Department of Dermatology in National Centre of Dermatology and STI in Europe. He attended 10th Academic practical forum conference by Association of Dermatovenereology and optical skin diagnostic. 

He did his Industrial health fellowship (AFIH) which is accredited by central government of India to know the skin issues caused to labors in industries as he is from a part of industrial city (Tuticorin). He then got his degree in aesthetic medicine from American association of aesthetic medicine, USA. He has been in excellence everywhere he went to pursue his studies and developing all the knowledge from top different countries. 

He has come back to his own city to serve his people at his known best...

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